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December 28: Jennie and I had just spent two weeks trying to squeeze the remnants of our former life in a house with 3400 square feet into a somewhat reluctant Large Marge who groaned with each new box that she was only willing to carry 2500 pounds of our stuff, more or less. For two weeks there were late nights, trips to the hardware store, Camping World, Broadmoor RV, Mom’s garage, our storage unit, packing, repacking, re-evaluating until we were ready for our first trip. 

Before heading out across the country, we decided on a practice trip. We knew the first stop on our adventure had to be to a beach. Sebastian was a little anxious about the trip and he was sad to be leaving his Grandma, “Dabby” who he had lived with most of his life. The enticement of the beach was enough to help him overcome his anxiety about traveling, so we chose Seaside, Oregon, which also had a Thousand Trails park, allowing us to try out our new membership.  

We got off to a slow start due to some maintenance issues. We detoured to a Costco parking lot for one night, then arrived at the Seaside RV Resort just one day late. 

Upon arrival, they told us to drive around and find an open spot. I was excited about finally being on the Road after months of preparation.  My active mind took began searching for the perfect spot. My autopilot brain took over the more mundane task of driving the truck. Problem is, autopilot brain was not yet calibrated to pulling 42 feet and 8 tons behind us sooooo… on the 3rd turn we cut the corner a bit tight.

Ugh. You can see the whole story in the video here.

To the people who helped us out after the accident, thank you. I don’t know your names but you reminded me that there are a lot of great people in the world. We bought you a little thank you gift, but when we stopped by the space you were parked in, you were gone.


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