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When living in a brick and mortar home it can be easy to not pay attention to the weather… are already in a safe location. When living the full time RV life, dealing with bad weather is a necessity.

Bottom line that we have learned from out 6 evacuations due to severe weather, and 2 close calls with tornadoes — advance knowledge is key. This is easy enough when you are awake, but when storms approach overnight we have been caught unaware and unprepared.

We tried different apps and features on our phones, but they didn’t work with our mobile lifestyle. We decided on a weather radio. It is cheap ($30 on Amazon), reliable and wakes us up if there is an alert or weather warning in whatever area we happen to be traveling.

This video is a little of our story in dealing with severe weather in San Antonio Texas, Tyler Texas, Buchanan Michigan, and Greenville Wisconsin.

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