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Here is a little bit of our back story to get you started as you follow our journey. In this video we introduce ourselves from Pacific Dunes RV Resort and bring you up to date regarding the selling of our home and possessions then starting full time travel in our 2019 Jayco Pinnacle 37mdqs.

Why are we documenting this for the world to see? As I (Lynn) began sharing our plan to sell everything and travel to some of the parents of my clients at the counseling center, especially as I explained why, I saw something amazing happen. They got excited in the midst of their difficult circumstances. Many came back to me and told me about major changes they had planned in their lives to accommodate the difficulties they were experiencing. We hope that by sharing our experience with the world that others will take joy in what we are doing and begin their own rejuvenation journeys.

Want to hear the whole story that led them us the point in our lives that we sold it all and started traveling? Check out Jennie’s new book: 



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