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Destination Rejuvenation

Adventure Margin Beauty

We are on an adventure to combat compassion fatigue

We have been foster and adoptive parents, worked in residential care, and started a clinic to help struggling children families. We found ourselves in a state of compassion fatigue as a result of emotionally draining work and secondary trauma. We took radical measures to ensure our ability to continue the work we are passionate about. We sold almost everything, including our house, bought and RV and began traveling full time seeking adventure, margin and beauty to counter some of the effects of the past.

Our circumstances aligned perfectly to allow us to start our adventure, however we know you may be equally in need of this type of experience. For all of you in this situation, we are documenting our trip so that you can enjoy, in some way, your own rejuvenation. Follow us here if you’d like us to keep you updated on all that we are learning along the way.

Recent Destinations

Check out where our adventure has led us so far

Our YouTube Channel is officially Launched

A big thanks to the 90ish people who joined us LIVE on our youtube channel tonight. And another big thanks the the 400 of you who watched on FaceBook. We have been working for 6 months to put together the footage, then just have enough margin in our lives, finally, to...

Meet Large Marge: The Best RV for Full Time Living

When we decided buy an RV travel full time we did a massive amount of research. We wanted the best RV that we could afford and it had to fit our purposes. So what is the best RV for full time living? Our conclusion is that the mid-bunk floor plan Jayco Pinnacle 37MDQS...

We wrecked our brand new RV on our very first trip

  December 28: Jennie and I had just spent two weeks trying to squeeze the remnants of our former life in a house with 3400 square feet into a somewhat reluctant Large Marge who groaned with each new box that she was only willing to carry 2500 pounds of our...

Meet The Team

Large Marge

Large Marge

2019 Pinnacle 37mdqs

Affectionatley referred to as "Large Marge," Marge, our 42 foot 2019 Pinnacle 37mdqs is also our beloved home. This mid-den floor plan makes Lynn's work from the road possible. Coupled with the loft for Sebastian, the residential refridgerator and king size bed, Marge check's off every item on our must-have list.



2017 Ford F350 Super Duty

In a nationwide search we found the perfect pickup right in our own backyard. "Truck" is all brawn and little brain so we give him simple commands.

"Truck, pull!"

"Truck, stop!"

But his raw power is not his only attribute. His 8 foot bed makes tight turns feasable, and his spacious interior is enough to hold the entire family, both dogs and all the tools.



2018 Honda CR-V

We debated the merits of bringing a "chase" vehicle, but are very happy to have this little fuel sipper along for the adventure. When taking side trips, we park Marge and Truck near the freeway and zip into town for shopping and sight seeing.  When we arrive at a new site, we park Truck for the duration of the stay and use The CRV almost exlusively. Our fuel savings during stays more than compensates for the extra cost of bringing her along.



Therapy Dog

Bently gave up his full-time job doing therapy with kids in Lynn's office to embark on the adventure. He has not regretted the sacrifice and feels that the amount of swimming time he gets in oceans, rivers and alligator infested lakes more than compensates for what he gave up.




Emma is our 9 year old rescue dog. Our kids found her on the road as a starving puppy so she earned her role as cheif whiner and worrier honestly.  Emma is not thrilled to be traveling, but enjoys being with family so she tolerates it. She enjoys getting to go on more walks than she did in our previous, more hectic, lives.



Super Son

He is cute, and he knows it. More importantly he is a sweet and compasionate 4 year old who is a huge blessing to his parents. He loves the beach, swimming, exploring, youtube videos and long walks on the beach at night.

Jennie & Lynn Owens

Jennie & Lynn Owens

Author, Trainer, Coach

Lynn is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor working with children that have experienced complex trauma and is the founder and owner of Canyon Lakes Family Counseling Center. Jennie is an author, coach and trainer and the co-founder of Forever Homes and Rejuvenate Retreats.

Currently they work at their day jobs from the road while adventuring through North America.

Number of Miles Truck has Pulled Marge

Number of States we Have Visited

Number of Insects Splattered on the Front of Marge